After plummeting by about 25% over the weekend, Shiba Inu had a stunning drop last week. Fears of a further decline were sparked when its price dropped from a high of $0.000007 to a low of $0.000005. Investors avoided SHIB because of the sharp price decrease because they thought there will soon be another crash.

The people who bought during the crisis, however, are now sitting in profits. After the crash, Shiba Inu recovered approximately 37%, going from a low of $0.00005 to a high of $0.00000729 in just two days. So, will SHIB maintain its optimistic outlook and lean towards the positive? Perhaps not is the answer.

On Tuesday, the dog-themed coin was already trending downward and was unable to maintain it. SHIB was unable to generate purchasing interest that would have raised its index price. Shiba Inu may be being avoided by investors because they think that its recent run of success on the charts may be coming to an end.